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Exercise & Improving Body  Composition

Type of exercises 

  1. Cardiovascular: Running, walking, spinning classes, dancing, elliptical, swimming, rowing, biking and aerobics or group exercise classes — really anything that gets the heart rate up and works up a sweat!

  2. Weight training: Whether you use free weights, bands, exercise machines or your body weight, they are necessary to build lean muscle mass. In fact, building lean muscle is what will start reshaping your body to develop that lean, active and fit body you desire. Muscle protects our bones and helps us maintain proper posture. Strong is the new sexy and beautiful!

5 Most Important Steps for Successful Weight Loss

1. Eat three meals a day. Never skip breakfast!

2. Eat meals early, especially dinner. Eat at least three-four hours before bedtime. Do not eat after 7:30pm. No snacks after dinner.

3. Portion Control Read labels and check the number of servings that you are actually eating.

4. Drink water. Drink three 80z glasses inn the morning and three 8oz glasses in the afternoon.

5. Exercise.  Take a brisk 30-minute walk everyday. Park your car away from store entrances and walk the extra distance. During bad weather, walk on a treadmill or walk in laps in a indoor mall.

Tips and Suggestions for Healthy Eating

1. Most of your food for the day should be fruits , vegetables and lean meats. Try to avoid starches (bread , rice, pasta and potatoes), especially in the evening.

2. Switch to low fat cooking methods. Bake, steam, grill or boil your food instead of frying.

3. Trim off all fat from meat and discard the skin from poultry. Skin is pure saturated fat.

4. Season food with herbs and spices instead of butter and rich sauces. They will add flavor without all the calories. Consider adding lemon juice, wine, onions garlic or mushrooms.

5. Replace butter with olive , safflower, or canola oil. These oils are better for your heart but frying food in these will add significant calories to your diet.

 6. Substitute high fat dairy products with skim milk, low fat shredded cheese and yogurt. They are good sources of calcium. Avoid drinking milk. Use it sparingly in cold cereal only. 

7. When ordering food or drinks at a restaurant or at Starbucks, always get the smallest size. Some places will even sell you a child's size.

8. Do not drink large quantities of juice and regular soda. Switch to diet juices, diet soda, ice tea, and Crystal Light.

9. Have a small snack between meals. It will keep you From overeating at your next meal.

10. Avoid potatoes as they are usually buttered, fried or highly salted.

Foods to Avoid

High Fat Foods- red meat (except tenderloin), creamy salad dressings, rich gravies and cream sauces, fried foods, Chinese food, potato chips, cheese, doughnuts, buttered popcorn, rich stews and soups.

Salty Foods- pickles, olives, potato chips, soup (buy low salt/low fat), bacon, processed lunchmeat, Chinese food, crackers, and tomato juice. Hotdogs and sausages are very high in salt and fat. Do not add extra salt to foods.

Sweets and Rich Desserts- Regular soft drinks (diet is fine), juice, ice cream, cakes, cookies, candy and milkshakes.

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