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Ready to book your physical exam?



What is the cost of a physical exam? A general work physical is $60, a school or sports physical costs $30 (each) and is not covered by insurance. If you need a school and sports physical it is an additional $20 to complete the additional form but must be completed in the same visit. 


How do I book an exam? To book your exam you must do so online. Choose an available date and time, then enter your information to request your appointment. Then please complete the general consent and our staff will call you to confirm your appointment. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment? You may cancel anytime by calling our office at 708-607-2503, or from the email or text message that you will receive after booking. There is no fee to cancel. We do charge a no show fee if you do not cancel and do not show up for your appointment.

What do I need to bring to the appointment with me? Please bring your photo identification, school identification, (and/or parent's photo identification), vaccination records, any medications, any records from your primary care provider, or specialist, any recent labs, or imaging, if applicable. You may also fax these over to us at 778-200-3824 or email prior to your appointment. You can also complete any of the appropriate forms below and bring but we will provide at your appointment. If you have a specific form, please bring with you or send over to use prior to the appointment. 

What if I need a TB test? If you need a TB test it can be added on to the appointment. The cost for the TB placement is $20 and the reading is free. You must be able to return in 48 to 72 hours for the reading or the test will be invalid and you would have to pay to have another test placed.

What if I need lab testing or drug testing? If you need bloodwork or drug testing, then that becomes a specialty physical and the cost starts at $150 and includes the exam and basic labs that we can draw in the office. For drug testing it depends on what type of drug testing is requested. You can fax or email forms and we can have the provider review and give you the pricing. Speciality physicals include those that require labs, drug testing or surgical clearances. The cost includes the physical and basic labs, additional labs or imaging may be subject to additional costs. We recommend to send us your form so we can provide exact pricing. *please note if you have an insurance that we accept, some costs may be billed to insurance*

Are there any additional costs? The basic physical is included in the cost, however if you need an additional form each additional form is $20 for completion (ex. if you want a school and sports form completed on same day). TB testing is extra and any labs are subject to additional charge. 

Is there anything else I need to know? If you have a specific work physical form, please bring with you to appointment we have a basic form below but if your employer does not accept this form after the visit you will have to complete a new examination. Also, arriving to the exam is not a guaranteed clearance. We may need more information after the exam, so it is important to disclose all your health conditions and bring any pertinent records to the appointment. Also, a general work, school or sports physical should not replace an annual well exam. 



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